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The application of mini seal laser engraving machine XJ40,XJ4040

Date time:2015-4-11 7:14:34 Page view:
The application of mini seal laser engraving machine XJ40,XJ4040 The most small and cheap laser engraving machine is XJ40,XJ4040 seal laser engraving machine.The working size is only 250MM X 250MM,200MM X 300MM,400MM X 400MM. Seal laser engraving machine is integrated into the light mechanical and electrical integration of high-tech products and technology. Mainly divided into four parts, main board, laser power, laser tube, plotter. Motherboard: equivalent to CPU it will pass to his instructions in a computer, to control the laser power supply of laser tube power for laser tube light, mobile and control drawing, so as to finish carving. Laser power: power supply part of the engraving machine, the first power delivery to the motherboard 24V 5V are the working voltage of the motherboard and a plotter. At the same time, also provides the high and low pressure for laser tube light the laser tube, also provide lighting voltage. Laser tube: carbon dioxide glass laser (CO2) tube is divided into three layers: the outer layer is a vacuum, the middle layer is the cooling water circulation, which is the most laser generation layer, before the start of laser, must first turn on the cooling water, cooling water flow to stabilize power supply is switched on. The laser working period do not water. Plotter: it has two main functions, optical transmission system and complete the board transfer instructions, optical transmission pipe outlet is transmitted to the laser from the laser, there are generally three to four reflecting mirrors, the laser intensity is weak path. The second is to complete the task finished carving board instructions to move Laser power: high pressure bag or box; Laser tube: 30W/40W; Motherboard motherboard: type two or type five; Motherboard power: 24V/5V Software: seal special software Laser platform: the third generation of stable engraved chapter machine platform (plotter); Other engraved chapter machine parts, fixture, lens, water pump, belt, wire, rods, control board and other accessories. Is the seal laser engraving machine only engraving seal?No,except working seal,it can also working on other material. The scope of application 1, applicable to all kinds of seal carving non-metallic materials, such as horn, wood, red plastic, organic glass, the ink storage pad seal. Arts and crafts processing 2, suitable for small area, making all kinds of graphics and text in the double color plate, wood, bamboo, organic glass, cloth, leather and other materials. 3, can be engraved name, type, pattern, logo, date in electronic components. 4, can be used for cutting, the maximum cutting 3mm thick organic glass.