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Belt and Ball screw laser engraving
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Belt and ball screw laser cutting machine XJ1325

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Products Introduction

?Belt and ball screw laser cutting machine XJ1325

Features :

1.Luxury design.
2.Adopting imported high accuracy ball screw in Y axis and high precision belt in X axis,the machine combined the function of engraving and cutting together perfectly.
3.1:4 wheel speed ratio to keep high quality cutting effect.
4.3 phase motors work at higher speed than common motors.
5.Smoke pipe moving with beam, unique closed design of smoke exhaust system eliminates smoke leaking, and ensures the perfect and clean working environment.
6.Independent control cabinet with protective circuit increases the machine’s property of anti-interference effectively.
7.Automatic water alarm system, greatly improved the stability and safety of continuous working.
8.LCD display with advanced USB interface. Function of memory for power failure and continuous working from stop point and password setting.
9.Control chip allows the machine work fast, stably, and high anti-interface capability.
10.Software support file output directly from CorelDraw and AutoCAD
11.The machine is CE certificated.
12.With foot wheels and base cones, the machine is easy to move and fix.
1Advertising industry: engraving and cutting on advertising materials such as
Acrylic, double color board and so on.
2.Leather and clothing industry: engraving and carving on leather and fabric.
3.Art & Craft industry: engraving and cutting on paper, wooden packing box, bamboo craft, leather, shell, ivory and so on.
4.Model industry: ?cutting on architectural model, aviation and navigation model, and wooden toys.
5.Packaging industry: engraving and cutting of printing rubber plate, and cutting of sandwich plate and die board cutting.
6.Decoration industry: engraving and cutting on electric products and relevant materials.
Technical Parameters:
Model XJ1325
Working Area 1300×2500mm
Laser Type CO2 Sealed Laser Tube, wavelength 10.6μm
Laser Tube Power 60W, 80W, 100W, 150W, GSI200W, GSI280W
Cooling System Water Cooling
Power Adjustment 0-100% Stepless Control, 0-100% Adjustable in Software
Control and Driving High Speed DSP Control, Stepper Motor High Subdivide Driving
Engraving Speed 0-70000mm/min
Cutting Speed 0-18000mm/min
Working Voltage AC220V/110V±10% ?50HZ/60HZ
Position Accuracy ≤±0.01mm
Consuming Power ≤2000W
Running Environment Temperature: 0-45℃. Humidity: 5%-95% (free of condensed water)
Supported Format PLT, DST, DXF, BMP, AI. Support AutoCAD, CorelDraw Output Directly


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